Alan Schleimer - Author

Alan Schleimer

I love reading suspense thrillers. So after a false start trying to write Christian fantasy fiction, and after a lot of prayer, I decided to write a Christian suspense thriller. Fueled by expert writing advice from today’s top Christian Fiction writers, and ongoing encouragement from my wife of over 30 years, the Q Manifesto was eventually born.

Contrary to what some might think, the hero of Q, Jay Hunt, is not my alter ego. But admittedly there is one similarity. Based on faith in myself and my abilities, I did leave a lucrative career in business to start my own travel company in 1985. There the similarity ends. After discovering being an entrepreneur wasn’t as much fun as having a regular paycheck, I returned to the world of big business. But in 2003, based on prayer and faith in God instead of myself, I again left my career behind … this time to write full time.

Why did God choose a numbers guy with an Operations Research degree from Bowling Green State University in Ohio, with an MBA from Case Western Reserve, to write Christian fiction? God only knows!

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