Reviews and Endorsements named The Q Manifesto as its top Inspirational Fiction selection for 2012 –“a fast-paced thriller with an edge of reality that kept me turning pages…”
– Read their complete post from January 6, 2013
“I found The Q Manifesto to be a masterfully crafted, full-immersion thriller written with intelligence, heart and virtue. A brave story, brilliantly plotted and played out at machine gun pace. A magnificent debut whose stunning depths, pivotal settings and tangible descriptions manifested themselves in imagery akin to an HDTV movie.”
– Cheryl Wyatt, multi-award-winning Christian fiction author
“A fast paced thriller with more twists and turns than a Dan Brown novel. Schleimer has the reader zipping from one locale to another in a dizzying race to the finish. This book will leave you breathless!”
– Kathleen Y’Barbo, best-selling author of The Inconvenient Marriage of Charlotte Beck (Waterbrook Press)
and Flora’s Wish (Harvest House)
“I love the story!!! Alan Schleimer in The Q Manifesto wrote a fast paced story of suspense and intrigue. It keeps you turning the pages and wondering what will happen next.”
– Margaret Daley, author of Shattered Silence, The Men of the Texas Rangers Series
“During my search for God, I have encountered both fact-based and fiction-based books. As an investigative writer, Alan Schleimer exhausted all avenues of information to make this an exciting thriller that ultimately will stimulate your imagination to the maximum.”
– Ulises Baltazar, MD, FACS
“An engaging read right from the first page, The Q Manifesto never quits its pace. Not only a mystery with numerous twists and turns, it is also a battle for the heart of the Christian religion. Similar to The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, it unravels the puzzle of the ‘Q’ document, a find that threatens to discredit the Bible. The author’s Biblical knowledge and a great deal of research have created a novel of depth and complexity with distinct cultural flavors from Arizona to the Middle East. Through fully dimensional characters, this story is wrought with a battle between faith and ambition, brimming with action, political conflict, and even a bit of romance.”
– Barbara Gow