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See the article on Alan and The Q Manifesto in the January 2013 edition of Fort Bend Lifestyles magazine. FBL Q Manifesto

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I write suspense thrillers. My debut novel, The Q Manifesto, is the first in the Ezra Chronicles series and features former Wall Street whiz-kid and desert survivalist Jay Hunt. No, Jay is not my alter ego, but I did leave a career in the oil business to follow God’s nudge to write full time. Fueled by expert writing advice from today’s top Christian Fiction writers, and ongoing encouragement from my wife of over 30 years, the Q Manifesto was born. It weaves a spell-binding plot around the search for the Truth behind the Gospels. I believe good stories entertain, but great stories can change lives. I strive to only tell great stories.

As a former analyst, commodity trader, and entrepreneur, I infuse my high-stakes fiction with real world implications. Like an actor who does his own stunts, I have studied martial arts, finance, police work, and the divine source of all truth. I am married and live in Houston.

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